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C.M.O. manufacture a range of quality decorative home and garden ornaments, statues and birdbaths, some being exclusive to C.M.O.

C.M.O.has been operating since 2008 and are based in Railton Tasmania.
Our products are from reconstituted river sand and can be coloured to suit your requirements.
We have other statues and garden ornaments not yet displayed on our website and can be viewed at our warehouse in Railton. Orders can be taken by email or phone.

Contact us at: info@cmoconcretestatues.com

Phone number: Home 03 64961150

 Kind Regards

Gargoyles stand guard, warding off unwanted spirits and other creatures and If they're hideous and frightening enough, it was thought they would be especially effective in scaring off all sorts of other threatening creatures. Perhaps it was even believed that some came alive at night protecting people when they were most vulnerable. Better still, the ones with wings could fly and protect the village as well as the church. 






Buddhism played a significant role in the history of India. It attracted the attention of many kings, noblemen and merchants, who were influential members of society and took key decisions in changing the course of Indian history. From the time the Buddha emerged on the scene until powerful Hindu kings like the Sungas, the Satvahanas, the Guptas and the Brashivas reestablished Hindu traditions in the native soil in the post Mauryan period, Buddhism gained ascendance in the soil of India. Then began its long period of decline. By the early Christian era, Buddhism was a dominant world religion, practiced probably one half of the world, in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, China and Far East. Later due to various factors Buddhism decline. The emergence of Islam and Mongols in Central Asia sealed whatever chances Buddhism had outside India, whereas a number of factors, including the invasion of Islamic barbarians contributed to its further decline in the subcontinent.